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Our screens are very popular for home parties and lots of other kinds of events.

Considering us for a kids party? Compare the cost to taking a dozen kids to a cinema for a party. That will be three car trips needing at least 3 adults. With the cost of fuel, parking and (ever increasing) ticket prices for everybody, a backyard cinema party starts to look like a real good option.

What you get

All packages include screen, projector, dvd/blu-ray player, digital tv, speakers, mixer, stands, cables, adapters.


Feature Info
Screen Freestanding screen suitable for indoor (with enough ceiling height) or outdoor use.
Projector 3000 - 4000 lumens depending on package.
DVD/Blu-ray Player Plays DVD or Blu-ray discs.
Digital TV We can connect a portable antenna in certain circumstances but typically we will need to connect to your home antenna with our cables (up to 30m).
Speakers Up to 1000W speakers depending on package.
Mixer Allows you to add a microphone for speeches or announcements
Stands Includes speaker stands, control box containing projector and other equipment, and projector stand (to be used when additional height is needed for projector).
Cables Packages include 30m power lead that connects from your nearest power outlet to our control unit.
Adapters Connect your own devices with our HDMI, VGA, RCA, Mini Display Port, Audio cables.

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2.5m Screen


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4.75m Screen


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